Rob Ford

Edit:  This post is non-partisan, and is not making a statement about how great/terrible Rob Ford is. 

I will not go into why Toronto is obsessed with Rob Ford. If you live on this planet and have a decent internet connection, you already know everything about the antics of Toronto’s mayor. So here are some things that you may not know about Rob Ford.

  1. Rob Ford is Toronto’s 64th mayor. He sits at the end of a long list of mayors that began with William Lyon Mackenzie.
  2. He went to Carleton University, joined the Ravens football team but did not play, took some classes in political studies, took some distance learning classes, and then dropped out. In other words, he never completed his degree.
  3. He was born on May 28, 1969. He is 44 years old, and a Gemini. He was born somewhere in Etobicoke.
  4. His father , Doug Ford, Sr., was a politician and served as an MPP.
  5. Before his death, Doug Ford, Sr. owned a multi-national labelling and printing company called Deco Labels. The company is now co-owned by Rob Ford, his mother and siblings. The company makes labels for plastic-wrapped grocery products, and have an estimated $100 million in sales.
  6. Rob Ford is the youngest of three siblings: Doug, Kathy, Randy, and then Rob. Their mother, Ruth, is one of the directors of Deco Labels.
  7. Rob Ford’s high school, Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy, is located on  15 Trehorne Dr. in Toronto. It is also one of the locations where he met with Alexander Lisi.
  8. Rob Ford is married to Renata Brejniak, whom he met in high school. They have two kids: Stephanie and Doug.
  9. Once upon a time in 2012, Rob and his brother Doug tried to lose weight in a very public competition. Rob lost 17 lbs in six months.
  10. As a kid, Rob Ford wanted to become a professional football player. He attended football camps, and later coached a few high school teams. But he never became a professional player.
  11. Rob Ford’s cell phone number is: (416) 805-2146 (according to Texts to Rob Ford).
  12. He has been mayor for 1072 days.
  13. He has been to jail – for DUI and possession of marijuana.
  14. Rob Ford has been trending on Twitter worldwide all week.
  15. I will leave this one blank until he resigns.

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