Edit: Thank you to CJ Tremblay for pointing out that L’Espresso Bar Mercurio is on the south-east corner of the intersection.

If you are coming out of St. George station, and you decide to walk west, you will walk past L’espresso Bar Mercurio. Located on Bloor at St. George, this looks like a standard café with baked goods, coffee, a decent brunch menu, and a patio. Once you go in, it’s not exactly standard. There is a car parked inside the café.

Bar Mercurio

Granted, it is a small Fiat 500 and the space is large enough to fit a pickup truck. But just the mere presence of a car inside the café is worth noting. The owners are not around, so it is tough to get the story behind the car. Given that it is from the 1970s, and in good condition, I assume that the owners are Italian. I did talk to the hostess, and she confirmed that the owners are indeed from Italy. She also explained that about six months ago, she came in to work, and this car was parked inside. The owners just drove it in through the front doors. And it has been there since.

Fiat 500

The staff treats the car like a menu board. They use it as a prop for seasonal displays. and write the daily specials on its windshield. The windshield has a small sign that asks customers to not touch the car “unless they are in the nude, as belts and zippers can leave scratches.”

Fiat 500

Given that it is a Fiat 500, one of the cutest cars ever produced, it definitely puts a smile on people’s faces while they wait for a table. In my opinion, short of having a puppy inside, this is the perfect thing to attract customers.

Check it out if you are in the area. The café serves good coffee and cookies.

Website: Bar Mercurio